6 Figures on Amazon Turn-Key and Stress-Free

Whether you have e-commerce experience or not, we have developed the most robust and high performing e-commerce managed services program meeting the demands of millions of daily buyers for our hundreds of clients. Click to learn more about how you can have a business built and scaled for you that will not only yield a considerably high margin, but also have the potential to be sold down the road.

DFY is designed to arm you with the best ways you can leverage our program to launch and build a reputable store on the Amazon Marketplace and ultimately increase a passive income stream that is scalable and sustainable.

Some of the largest sellers on Amazon have leveraged the power of our program to create a massive income stream that offers unparalleled growth initiatives. Amazon is one of the largest online marketplace and the demands are enormous for you to quickly build, sell, and scale a store that assists in achieving your lifelong financial goals.


Amazon Sellers

We are looking to partner with clients who are ready to experience the power of Amazon's Marketplace to explore a life-changing business opportunity.

Passive Income

One of the most proven ways to create wealth is to create multiple passive income streams. Leverage your store and our team to work for you 24/7, 365. Your business will earn even while you sleep.


Our program is truly turn-key. With just a few hours of work to set up the business and store and a few check-ins here and there, you can be making money while you're doing other things such as: making more money, spending time with your loved ones or otherwise living your life to the fullest. We have the most robust program offered in the space, with a decade of combined experience and years of testing and management as a service provider.


Many clients find their businesses, with our help, reaching profitability well within their first year. Our goal is to help our clients achieve this around 8 months after they begin selling, and from there, we work to ensure clients' success and profitability in perpetuity.

How Do Our Managed Services Work and How Does Owning a Store with Amazon Work?

Amazon Marketplace

With a consistent average of about 2.45 billion monthly visitors, Amazon.com allows sellers to expand their reach to grow and optimize their business organically. One out of every two product searches is done within Amazon’s marketplace giving sellers a massive opportunity to meet the demands of buyers. Leverage the power of Amazon and gain the attention of sellers through a reputable store. 

Optimized Growth

Gain a competitive edge selling on Amazon.com by leveraging our experience in optimizing growth. We’ve helped hundreds hit six figures in revenue. We’ve got a proven system to help your store grow which eliminates the guesswork!

Automated Fulfillment

You’ll never have to ship a product, EVER. We’ve built relationships with leading vendors making it easy for our team to fulfill your Amazon orders. Our team will fulfill every order that is generated, further enhancing your already streamlined seller experience.


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